C.Quartz Finest

Cavallo is proud to be the only authorized detailer and installer of C.Quartz Finest in Houston. C.Quartz Finest is the most exclusive automotive surface protection on the planet. Designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich and glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other. 

Unlike waxes and sealants, C.Quartz Finest adds a measurable 3mm thick ceramic coating of paint protection. While wax and sealants last for only weeks or months, C.Quartz Finest durability and gloss is measured in years. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We are the #1 Source for C.Quartz Finest in the Houston area, including Conroe, Woodlands, Sugar Land, Galveston, and South East Texas. 


Highest Quality Gloss, Protection From Bugs, Protection From Bird Droppings, Easier Maintenance, Hydrophobic Features, Finest Service, Fine Swirl Resistance, Exclusivity (Only Available By CarPro Authorized Finest Installers)

Frequently Asked Questions

CQuartz Professional vs. CQuartz Finest Reserve
Both are the absolute finest in the business. CQuartz Professional lasts for 2 years, whereas CQuartz Finest Reserve lasts for 3 and is easier to maintain. 

Can heat or frost harm Finest after it has cured? 
No, Finest is extremely resistant to both low and high temperatures.
How long until my car can get wet?
24 hours after your vehicle was coated it can be exposed to water.  If wet before that time water should be blown or safely wiped off before it dries on the surface.  No water should touch your vehicle period for at least 2 hours in optimal temperatures.
How long should I wait before washing my car with soap?
You should wait a minimum of 7 days before washing with soap or using cleaners.
Should I use a drive through car wash?
Not if you care about your perfect finish! Drive through car washes have sharp, hard, dirty bristles that can severely swirl your paint.
Should I let the dealership wash it?
Never allow a car dealership to wash your vehicle.  They do not understand how to, nor do they have the time or equipment to do so without introducing swirls into your perfect finish.
Can Finest be applied over my clear bra?
Yes! In fact it will even help protect it from yellowing, fine swirls, and dirt.
Will Finest prevent rock chips?
No, no coating can prevent rock chips however it will protect the paint from road rash caused by tiny sand fragments at high speed. For rock chips ask us about applying Paint Protection Film after polishing and before application of Finest.
Does Finest prevent swirls?
Finest does resist swirls from washing better than any other product on the market. No paint coating can prevent swirls 100%. The most important thing you can do is  ask your Finest Installer  to show you the proper method of washing. This in conjunction with CQ Finest protection will almost completely eliminate swirls.